13 Reasons Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Are Absolutely Perfect for Each Other

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Now that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have celebrated the one-week anniversary -- we think it's time to reevaluate their relationship -- and all the reasons it totally works. 

The couple most recently enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where they indulged in all of Swift's favorite romantic activities -- dancing the night away, fine dining with a side of PDA and introducing her family to her new love. Clearly, the couple has no intention of slowing things down!

In honor of Swift's favorite number, here are 13 reasons why Hiddleswift might just be the a match made in heaven.

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1. They both like to dance and can't stop...

We all saw sparks fly at Swift's Met Gala dance-off with Hiddleston in May, and the couple's still dancing! Hiddleswift was spotted getting down with their bad selves at Selena Gomez' concert in Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday.

2. He loves to sing a country tune.

The 35-year old may be an award winning actor, but he's got another talent up his sleeve -- singing! Hiddleston recently played country music legend Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, and looks like he picked up a few skills! Is it too early to expect a duet? 

3. He's down with that Nashville life. 


Hiddleston lived in Nashville -- where Swift has a home -- for 5 weeks while researching his role as Hank Williams. The couple recently met up with Williams' daughter Holly and her husband, Chris Coleman for a double date. While Swift grew up in Pennsylvania, she moved
to Nashville at 14 to pursue a career in country music, and bought her very own
penthouse in the city when her career hit big in 2009.

4. Neither are that interested in getting turnt at the clubs.

Hiddleston must have learned those Met Gala moves at home, because according to the actor, he doesn't get out much. "I keep my head down in London," he told Vulture in April. "It's so boring." And as Swift told Rolling Stone, her idea
of a big Saturday night is watching Titanic at home with her cats,
Meredith and Olivia.

5. All the acoustic guitars.

While T-Swizzle recently revealed to Vogue that she has too many guitars to count, Hiddleston has become so attached to the instrument that he doesn't put his down.
"It's an enormous source of pleasure and joy," he told Vulture. "I just noodle around, but I have a base musicianship I didn't have before."

6. Home is where the Hiddleswift is.

Swift is a notorious homebody -- and as it turns out, Hiddlelston is the same way. Revealing his favorite activities to Vulture, the actor said he just tries to be "normal." "Do normal stuff, read books, think about how I might want to redo the kitchen," he said. And that’s just perfect because there’s nothing Swift loves more than spending time in her luxe kitchen whipping up baked goods.

7. They're realistic about relationships.


While the "Blank Space" singer just got out of a relationship, it seems the couple isn't jumping into anything they're not prepared for. The Night Manager star has learned from his past relationships, saying, "Being away a lot is a real thing, but I'm getting better at that, too. I'm getting better at bridging the gap." Swift, too, has matured in her view of love. "I think the way I used to approach relationships was very idealistic," she told Rolling Stonein 2014. "I used to go into them thinking, 'Maybe this is the one -- we'll get married and have a family, this could be forever,'" admitting that now she has a more realistic view of relationships.

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8. They both love to read.

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Hiddleston likes to keep it traditional with some Shakespeare, while Taylor Swift prefers more American classics, like To Kill a Mockingbird. You know, you hear storytelling like in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and it just… it makes your mind wander," Swift said in 2013. "It makes you feel like it makes your world more vast. And you think about more things and greater concepts after you read something like that."

9. They've both been performing since they were little.

Taylor and Tom have both been preparing for their big breaks since they were kids. "Impressions and dancing, these are two things that if you ask my sisters and my oldest friends, they'll be like, 'This is literally what he has done since he was 5,'" Hiddleston told Vulture. It was Swift’s grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, who inspired her to start performing, taking her to her first show, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when she was 10 years old. "I started doing kids' musicals, because I loved seeing these kids up there singing and acting," she recalled in her Rolling Stone cover story. "It affected me more than I realized." At the age of 16, Swift released her first album to critical acclaim. 

10. They've got their own pretty awesome squads


While Taylor Swift basically invented the term "girl squad" with her famous friends -- Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss and Lorde to name a few -- the Thor actor is BFFs with our other imaginary boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch.

11. They're both all about girl power.

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In 2014, Tom posed for Elle UK wearing a shirt that read, "This is what a feminist looks like." He told the magazine, "I believe in the strength and intelligence and sensitivity of women. My mother, my sisters [they] are strong. My mum is a strong woman and I love her for it." And we all know how Taylor feels about women supporting other women. 

12. Family comes first. 

Swift is tight with her parents, and loves spending time with her brother around the holidays. Family is also important to Hiddleston, who listed visiting sisters and parents as his favorite activities. "I meet up with my sisters, go and play with my niece and go and catch up with my mom and dad," he said.

13. They both love cats!


No one loves cats like T-Swift, and no one loves Tom Hiddleston as much as this cat.

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