Khloe Kardashian Slams Tabloids for Sexist Dating Stories and Dampening Her Love Life: 'Men Don't Get That Rep

The reality star is hitting out at magazines for their "sexist" cover lines.

Khloe Kardashian is slamming magazines for publishing “double standard” and “sexist” stories.

The reality star
took to her app on Tuesday, posting various magazine covers focusing on her love life and calling out the sensationalized headlines.

“The most annoying thing about tabloid rumors is the double standard,” Khloe writes. “If I'm ‘spotted’ hanging with a guy at a party—even if I'm just saying hi for a quick second—it immediately becomes a negative headline about how many guys I'm dating or how I'm getting into a new relationship. Men don't get that reputation! They get a pat on the back. It irritates me.”

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Khloe, who turned 32 on Monday, added that she frequently avoids public dates with new romantic interests because she doesn’t want to deal with the “drama” of sexist headlines.

She also noted that such articles affect her dating game!

“People have taken pictures of me and say they're proof of something concrete,” she continued. “Pictures are just moments in time. They never show the whole truth. In Hollywood, you could go out on a first date and it could spiral into this huge thing. The headline the next day is ‘Khloé's Getting Married!’ LOL. It's so weird. That stuff definitely makes it difficult to take it slow and see how things go.

“That kind of gossip affects how people see me. A guy could assume I'm dating someone and not approach me, when I'm actually single.”

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