EXCLUSIVE: 'Million Dollar Matchmaker' Patti Stanger's Top 4 Tips for Online Dating

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Patti Stanger has made a living out of helping wealthy people find love, but she shared a few tips with ET that can help even the average Joe.

There are many pitfalls that go along with online dating, but with Stanger's wisdom, lonely fish in the sea will be on the road to romantic happiness in no time.

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1. Know how to spot a phony picture. A profile photo is often your first impression of a potential suitor, but they don't always give an accurate representation of what the person looks like now. "The fuzzies are 20 years old," Stanger warned ET. "When they take a picture of the picture of a fuzzy, it's 20 years old."

2. Talk about what you want. According to Stanger, it pays to bypass the fun stuff and get straight to business in terms of being upfront about what you're after in the long term. "Talk about what you really want -- what you are looking for," Stanger said. "Don't get nasty. Nasty won't get the guy."

3. Increase your odds. Stanger insists that you should download multiple dating apps to give yourself the best chance at finding the right person for you. "Three apps is really good, but if you have the downtime and you can afford to do five, go for it," she said. "You got to take every action you possibly can to find true love."

4. Be safe. Stanger advises to always meet in a public place. "Recently a guy came to get me and he wanted me to come to his house, and he wasn't taking no for an answer," she said. "I'm not a fan of that."

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After starring in Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker for eight seasons, Stanger is coming to WE tv on July 8 to help new rich and stubborn singles on her new show, Million Dollar Matchmaker.

In her sit-down with ET, she also weighed in on Hollywood's new "It" couple -- Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

"I could see them getting engaged this year," she said. "I hope she finds true love this year."

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Stanger has a good track record. A month after telling Lady Gaga she would get engaged, the pop star became the fiancee to Taylor Kinney.

"We look at body language in matchmaking," Stanger said about Hiddleswift. "The way they're holding hands -- they're in sync. They dress alike, they look alike, they walk alike, they talk alike. It wasn't that way with Calvin [Harris]."