EXCLUSIVE: Stephanie March on Breast Implant Scare: 'Everything Was Fine Until it Was Not'

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Stephanie March recently got candid with ET's Jennifer Peros about a horrifying plastic surgery ordeal involving her breast implants, which led to several hospitalizations and intensive medical treatments.

The actress explained that she was driven to the procedure in part due to her breakup with ex-husband Bobby Flay, in hopes that it would allow her to cope with the more troublesome aspects of her life. Unfortunately, the surgery came with an unexpected price tag.

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"It was absolutely fine until I caught an infection," March explained. "I was about six weeks in and everything was fine until it was not."

ET caught up with March on Wednesday at Rogue NY, a beauty bar she co-owns.

"I'll never forget it," March, 41, shared. "It was a Sunday and I called my doctor and I said, 'I think you really need to see me.'"

Her nightmare started when the right implant became infected, leading the seams of the scar to burst.

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"He put me under general anesthesia and he removed my implant right then and there," she said.

Afterwards, March insisted the implant be placed back in only to have it become infected again.

"My doctor said, 'This isn't for you,'" she recalled.

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In June, March penned a powerful essay for Refinery29 in which she imparted the valuable lesson she walked away with after the ordeal.

"When you want to fix something in your life, look to your heart not your body," she said.