Daisy Ridley and 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Director Rian Johnson Share Hilarious, Horrifying Face Swap From Se

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Snapchat's face swap feature is an endless well of nightmare fuel and unintentional comedy, and Daisy Ridley's face swap withStar Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson managed to have a bit of both.

The 24-year-old actress, who plays Rey in the new Star Wars installments, posted the hilariously unnerving pic to Instagram on Thursday, which she captioned, "@riancjohnson and I face swapped and it was awesome and terrifying."

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Strangely enough, Ridley's face actually doesn't look too bad on Johnson's head, however Johnson's face on Ridley's head looks like some sort of lascivious, old-timey pirate.

Ridley also joked about the intense secrecy surrounding the highly anticipated film with the hashtag, "#firstpictureihavebeenallowedtopostfromsetwithoutsomeoneelsepostingitfirst."

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In keeping with the theme of on-set confidentiality, on Wednesday, Ridley posted a video of her intense workout routine but had to keep a "pillowcase" wrapped around her head to "protect my REY HAIRSTYLE from Instagram's gaze."

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Recently, Ridley spoke with ET while promoting the home media release of The Force Awakens, and the English star opened up about what it was like on set of Episode VIII, with Johnson at the helm instead of J.J. Abrams, who directed Ridley in Episode VII.

"It's still very lovely and warm and friendly," Ridley shared. Check out the video below to hear more.

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