Celebrities React to Shooting of 12 Officers During Protest in Dallas: 'Senseless. Horrific. Heartbreaking'

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The world was once again shocked to learn of another mass shooting on Thursday night, that took the lives of five officers  during a protest against police brutality in Dallas, Texas.

The shooting comes on the heels of a volatile week in which two men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were shot and killed by police in separate incidents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

The recent shootings in Dallas has numerous celebrities from all over the world speaking out on social media.

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Here are a few of their reactions:

Shonda Rhimes: "As someone with law enforcement in my family, I am just shaking. That does not equal this. Senseless. Horrific. Heartbreaking."

Sarah Michelle Gellar:
""Because some days, especially recent days, are not all filled with glitter and rainbows and emojis. Here's to loving each other's insides, no matter what color may be on the outside" This quote was from my friend #ericadomesek from @psimadethis and I couldn't have said it better myself."

Rashida Jones: "My heart hurts. Too much death. Too much hate. Hug your loved ones tight. Tell them that in the darkest times, we MUST love even harder."

Nicki Minaj: "May the spirit of Malcolm X be reborn... for such a time as this."

Ellen Pompeo: "We all can do better...anger is an epidemic."

Andy Cohen: #PrayForAmerica


Cher: "Goes Out 2Dallas Police Dept,THE BRAVE POLICEMEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES?? 2 The Families & Friends Who Will Mourn &Have 2Live Without Them."

Kevin Hart: "This sh** is so Sad....#WeHaveToDoBetter #GodPleaseHelpUs."

John Legend: "These Dallas shootings are horrific. Killing these officers is morally reprehensible and completely counterproductive to keeping us safe. ...Being against cops killing is not equal to being for killing cops. We need peace in our streets."

Olivia Wilde: "It is truly tragic when a vicious few turn a peaceful protest into a bloodbath. Horrific and sad. #nomoreviolence"

Christina Perri: "Praying for the families of the officers killed tonight in dallas. praying we stop trying to end hate with hate. only love can do that."

Trevor Noah: "One step forward, ten steps back. The point is to save lives not trade places."

Patricia Arquette: "Just heard about shootings in #Dallas Please everyone stop killing each other- no more guns. No more violence. No more murder. Horrible."

Demi Lovato: "#PrayingForDallas #PrayingForPeace ...My heart hurts. God help us."

Josh Gad: "There is tragedy. We answer it with tragedy. We demand justice. We seek vengeance. We hang our heads in sorrow. Sad week in the US of A."

JoJo Fletcher: "Praying for my city. #Dallas"

Chris Harrison: "Absolutely heartbroken by the news in my hometown of #Dallas tonight. Thoughts and prayers out to those officers tonight."

Kelly Rowland: "11 Officers shot, 4 killed. WE HAVE TO BE BETTER! PRAY FOR PEACE!"

Taraji P. Henson: "My heart is heavy!!! Goodnight. #RipTooManyBlackLivesThatMattered"

Nick Cannon: "PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! A life is a life. No human has the right to take another human's life! Peace is the message here! DON'T GET DISTRACTED...
Hands up Don't Shoot! "An Eye for an Eye leaves Everybody Blind. - Dr. Martin Luther King"

Lady Gaga: "Stick together during this divided time. Be kind&compassionate to one another. Speak positively. Invision a peaceful future. #DallasProtest."

Emitt Smith: "My thoughts & prayers are with the officers, their families and all those impacted #PrayersforDallas #DallasStrong"

Busy Philipps:
"I feel so helpless at this world right now. My heart goes out to the officers who were slain and of course their families and to all of the men and women who try to protect us with dignity & grace. It's hard to wake up to the news anymore. It's hard to know what to say to your children. But I do believe that love wins. That we must encourage a dialogue without hate speech and violence to move things forward. That means maybe even starting in the comments section, you know?"

Kim Kardashian: "This must end now!"

Jamie Lee Curtis:
"This is the moment the whole world will watch @BarackObama show leadership and strength. #alllivesmatter."

Bella Hadid:
"#blacklivesmatter . We need to f**king do something about this."

Reese Witherspoon:
"With so much tragedy in the world, I always wonder how to talk to my kids about it."

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