Watch Shawn Mendes' Powerful 'Treat You Better' Music Video

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Shawn Mendes is showing off a very different side of himself -- and addressing a serious issue -- in his new music video.

The 17-year-old singer released his video for "Treat You Better," on Tuesday, which revolves around an abusive relationship.

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The edgy video begins with a couple fighting in a car, before the young woman gets out to leave her boyfriend who punches a chain-link fence. 

As the female reflects on the abusive and volatile relationship she finds herself in, Mendes comes onto the screen and begins to sing.

Throughout the video, the Canadian singer appears concerned by the fact that this girl doesn't seem to realize her worth and isn't with him – the better man.

As the viewer is takes in the troubled duo's romance -- both the good and the bad -- Mendes is seen dealing with being alone and not getting the girl he loves.

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"I know that I can treat you better than he can," Shawn sings over and over at the end of the track, before information for The National Domestic Violence Hotline comes across the screen.

Before Mendes' second album, Illuminate, drops on Sept. 23 (you can preorder it on iTunes now), hear what the former Vine star had to say about his crazy fans and his debut album in the following video.