Courtney Stodden Takes Sleeping Pic With Baby Bump, Says Pregnancy is Making Her 'Soooooooooo' Tired

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'It's insane.'

Pregnancy has definitely taken a toll on Courtney Stodden -- her energy, that is.

The self-described "professional blonde" took to Instagram on Monday to show off her growing baby bump in a sleepy selfie.

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"Sleeping soooooooooo much it's insane!!!" Stodden wrote, along with a pic of herself snoozing in lingerie.

Stodden has definitely had some ups and downs since announcing her pregnancy in May. Just a few weeks ago, the 21-year-old was happily dancing around by the pool.

"Embracing these insane body changes with a smile lol #pregnant #baby bump," she captioned the video of her bikini clad dance session.

But before that, Stodden couldn't seem to get over morning sickness. "When does this end?" she wrote, along with a candid shot.

Stodden and her actor husband, Doug Hutchinson, recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. The pair wed in 2011, when she was just 16, and he was 50.

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See more about the controversial couple's road to baby in the video below.