Demi Lovato Talks Life Post-Heartbreak, Touring With Nick Jonas: 'I Feel Free'

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Demi Lovato is feeling fierce, fabulous and "free"!

Just one month after splitting with her longtime boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, the 23-year-old pop star is speaking out on life post-heartbreak, touring with her best friend, Nick Jonas, and living in the moment.

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During an interview with Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Wednesday, Lovato reveals that she lives a carefree, positive life. In fact, she's been striving for that happiness for quite some time.

"I stopped giving an 'f' at like 15," she explains. "You only get one life, so if you don't do what makes you happy in this moment, you're doing yourself an injustice for the rest of your life."

"It is a battle, you just have to find the balance every day," she continues. "You have to not give an 'f' but also be sensitive -- you can't just spout your mouth off and make jokes about insensitive things just because you don’t give an 'f.' There's a balance, you just have to find it."

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Despite her breakup with Valderrama, Lovato says she couldn't be happier with where her journey is taking her.

"I feel really amazing. I feel really great and I'm growing," Lovato, who dated the 36-year-old That '70s Show star for six years, admits. "My life is just really, really exciting for me because I'm growing. It's new and fresh, and I feel free."

She credits part of that excitement to life on the road with Jonas, who is traveling with her as part of her Future Now tour.

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“[Nick's] one of my best friends, so we get to hang out every single day, so it just makes it that much more fun," Lovato gushes. "This is probably the funnest tour I've ever been on. Sometimes you get on tour and you have to make it the most fun tour, but this one is accidentally becoming the best tour of my life."

"My life is in the middle of a lot of changes right now and I don't really have a house at this moment," she continues. "So I'm actually kind of living out of a suitcase and on the road, so my tour bus is my home right now!"

So what do Lovato and Jonas do to pass time on the road? Play Pokémon Go, of course!

"You know, I just started [playing] yesterday, and now everyone thinks I am [addicted] because Nick posted a tweet saying, we were in a helicopter and I said, 'How the f**k are there no Pokémon up here?'" she confesses. "And he laughed at me and then tweeted about it so everyone's like, 'Oh my gosh, Demi's addicted to it!' and I'm like, 'No, I'm not addicted!'"

"But I did start, and now I am kind of addicted," she adds. "I'm on Level 4 already, and I got Jigglypuff already!"

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Gotta catch 'em all, right?

To hear more on Lovato's star-studded tour, watch the video below.

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