EXCLUSIVE: Francesca Eastwood Fan Girls Over Co-Star Chad Michael Murray: 'I Totally Had a Crush on Him'

The 22-year-old actress was such a big fan that she attended his 'Cinderella Story' film premiere.

Francesca Eastwood is all of us!

The 22-year-old daughter of Clint Eastwood may be a budding Hollywood actress, but in 2004, she was just a girl -- with a huge crush on Chad Michael Murray!

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"I remember going to the Cinderella Story premiere when I was a little girl," she revealed to ET's Katie Krause. "I think I was about 11 or 12 and totally had a crush on him!"

Twelve years later Eastwood finally got to share the screen with her big crush -- the two even play a couple in their new movie Outlaws and Angels -- but she never told Murray of her affection for him while filming. "When you're going in and working on a project that's so intense you need to be so focused," she explained. "I was very much Florence from day one."

Murray, shocked by Eastwood's confession, was completely flattered. "I never would have picked up on that for a second!" he said while blushing.

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While the western flick is the latest project for the actor, the big question on everyone's minds is whether we'll see Murray in another role -- back as Lucas Scott for a possible One Tree Hill revival series or movie. Though the fan girl in Eastwood was totally on board, the 34-year-old actor admitted he would have "a lot of question marks" about it. 

"What is the content, What is the material? What can I do? What haven't I done that I can do?" Murray asked, before admitting he'd consider reprising his role. "I like changing it up a bit, so if I was going to come into a world that was very different and stir up the world, yeah I would love to."

"This show has really created a life and just reached and touched so many people, so it’s an honor at the end of the day, and it's part of my life," he added. "It's just a piece of me."

And as for a return to Scream Queens? Well, Murray's all in for that one, too. "I really want to go back -- are you kidding me?" he said. "Put it out there! It's a lot of fun, so it would be great to go back."

Outlaws and Angels
hits theaters and VOD on July 15.

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