Kris Jenner Speaks Out About Lamar Odom's Alleged Airplane Incident: 'I Just Want the Very Best For Him'

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Kris Jenner is finally opening up about Lamar Odom's alleged airplane incident. During a recent interview with Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O on Friday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star says she wants nothing but the best for the former NBA player.

Earlier this week, Odom was allegedly removed from a Delta Air Lines flight for allegedly being drunk and vomiting repeatedly. He was later spotted partying at the CityScapes Gentlemen's Club in Queens.

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"I don't know what happened. It was a big surprise to me," Jenner explained. "All I can say is I just want the very best for him because he's like my son. He's a part of my family and I adore him. He's the best. He's the best! He's the greatest guy in the world and anybody that knows him will tell you the same thing."

"You just want the best for anyone that you love," she continued. "I think that what I have learned through all of this is that anybody who's struggled with addiction, it's a disease and I've learned a can't judge somebody else unless you're really walking in their shoes and that's what I've learned."

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During the radio call, the momager also admitted that she had no clue that her supermodel daughter, Kendall Jenner, had a nipple piercing until she saw a photo of Kendall in a sheer top in a magazine.

When asked if that was normal Kendall behavior, Jenner replied, "No, because it's so NOT Kendall!"

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Jenner also revealed that she no longer plans to change her last name.

"I think that out of respect for Kendall and Kylie, and it happens to be two younger girls, who have an amazing dad, I think I'm just going to stay right where I am," she explained. "It sounded like a good idea for a minute. You have to just respect the relationship of the entire family."

"I am too busy these days to worry what my last name is," she concluded. 

For more on Jenner's name change drama watch the video below.

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