Leslie Jones Claps Back at Racist Twitter Trolls Following 'Ghostbusters' Opening Weekend: 'Some People on Her

The 'Saturday Night Live' star refused to stay quiet as haters harassed her with vile Twitter comments.

Whether you liked the new Ghostbusters or not (and you should have enjoyed it, it's quite good), the one thing we can agree on is that Leslie Jones has been the victim of some disgustingly hateful tweets since the movie was released on Friday.

Trolls have been blowing up the 48-year-old comedian's Twitter feed with racist, vile messages. Jones is not a lady you mess with, however. On Monday, she let the public know just how horrific the online harassment has been. (Warning: Many of the tweets below are NSFW and plenty more are simply offensive.)

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"Some people on here are f**king disgusting," she tweeted. "I'm blocking your filthy a** if retweet that perverted sh*t. Just know that now bitches!!"

Sadly that was just the beginning, as a few hours later the Saturday Night Live star tweeted, "Ok I have been called Apes, sent pics of their a**es, even got a pic with semen on my face. I'm tryin to figure out what human means. I'm out."

She then clapped back with her own comments as well as retweets from a ton of her supporters, many of whom are extremely angry at the people hiding their hate behind anonymous avatars.
In response to one awful poem (and by awful we mean it was middle school-level bad) in particular, Jones responded, "Yep so sad these people have mothers and sisters and aunts. So f**king sickening."

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Jones initially blocked all the haters, but sadly, there were way too many, so she decided to "expose" them instead, sharing screengrabs and retweets with her 122,000 followers. "You know I'm gonna stop blocking so y'all can go through my feed yourself and see the bs," she tweeted. "You won't believe the evil. It's f**king scary."

Many of her tweets have been simple responses to cruel images. Not only did she admit to being "scare[d] for our future," she also wrote "So sad" in response to a photo of a gorilla, "Reported" alongside an image of a Donkey Kong character, and "I just don't understand," atop a racist movie poster.

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Jones also asked her fans to reply to the racist accounts, screengrabbing one with the horrific name "KKK Cool J" and writing, "Exposing I hope y'all go after them like they going after me."

And her loyal followers jumped right in:

One fan specifically called out Twitter's Support channel for not helping Jones, writing, "The vile racist sh*t being thrown at @Lesdoggg rn is making me wanna set sh*t on fire. Why is @twitter @Support not doing their job?!"

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The actress also had some big name support, including Ghostbusters director Paul Feig. "Leslie Jones is one of the greatest people I know," he wrote. "Any personal attacks against her are attacks against us all."

Margaret Cho came to Jones' defense as well, tweeting, "Stand with @Lesdoggg #loveforlesliej she is an inspiration and a legend in the making."

Comedian Loni Love shared that she felt for Jones, noting that this hate was "mild compared 2 what I have been called due 2 a cast change."

Feig and Cho also added the hashtag "#LoveForLeslieJ," which is currently trending on Twitter.

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Sadly, this is far from the first time Jones has faced harsh public scrutiny. In March, she had to defend her Ghostbusters character after people, ironically, thought she was being portrayed in a racist light after the reboot's trailer was released. Then last month, she called out designers who refused to dress her for the film's premiere.

Twitter did inspire some good, however -- it helped Jones team up with Project Runway winner Christian Siriano on a stunning red dress for the July 9 premiere. Find out what she told ET about her "dream" gown in the video below.