'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Star Morgan Stewart Details Painful Cosmetic Surgery Experience

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If Morgan Stewart could go back in time, she would have never gotten her lips enhanced.

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star took to Twitter on Friday, revealing a plastic surgery story gone wrong.

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"Ummmmmm why I ever thought putting s**t in my lips was a good idea is insane," Stewart, who recently got lip fillers injected, wrote. "My right upper lip STILL has a ball in it ...and she injected the s**t out of it with no numbing cream, OK? There were tears."

She quickly realized that the "less you f**k with yourself," the better.

"Unless you go to somebody excellent ;)," the 28-year-old reality star clarified.

One day earlier, Stewart revealed her lips were "deflating by the second."

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"I dissolved all the filler in my lips this morning," she added. "Be careful with that shit, or you'll have four seasons of f**ked up interview looks!"

Fans were quick to weigh in on her telling tweets, suggesting things like, "gently squeeze/pulse it between two of your fingers," and explaining, "you're doing too much, that's why."

When one of her followers tweeted, "MORGAN! You had amazing lips already, what you doing girl?!" Stewart revealed the real reason why she decided to alter her lips.

"They were uneven," she replied.

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Like Stewart, Kylie Jenner recently described a scary encounter with lip filler injections. While chatting with Allure magazine, the 18-year-old lip kit maven revealed there was a time she felt her pout was "a little too big" and she was lucky she "didn't end up on Botched."

Hear more in the video below.