EXCLUSIVE: Luke Pell and Chase McNary Reveal They're in Talks to Be 'The Bachelor'

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Luke Pell and Chase McNary both left The Bachelorette with shocking exits Monday night. Pell appeared in utter disbelief when sent home by JoJo Fletcher at the rose ceremony, and McNary's goodbye was perhaps even more unbelievable -- Fletcher sent him packing from the doorstep of their fantasy suite.

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But, as we all know, when a door closes in Bachelor Nation, a window opens and rose petals fall from the sky! I chatted with Pell and McNary on July 16 at the show's Men Tell All taping in Los Angeles, where after a little prodding, both revealed they are in talks to become the next Bachelor.

"It's a possibility," Pell said. "I definitely would not pass on it!"

McNary seemed less willing: "The discussions are there," he said. "But I don't know -- there's a lot of weight there. There [are] a lot of expectations and I'm not scared of it ... but I definitely want to make the smart decision and the right decision before I totally accept that position."

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His reservations seem to stem from the same issues behind the discussion that sent him home: McNary told Fletcher "I love you" after revealing that it's very difficult for him to open up emotionally. In fact, he'd never said "I love you" first in a relationship before.

"[As the Bachelor] you're put in the microscope of America and that's scary," he said. "I wasn't exactly the most open guy about my feelings, and going into being the Bachelor … that's something I would definitely have to work on."

Both are well-positioned to become the Bachelor: Luke is a handsome war veteran from Texas and has been kind and respectful on The Bachelorette. Plus, the look on his face alone during his exit is sure to win America’s hearts. Chase's departure could have been more problematic -- he was heated, and stomped off swearing up a storm. But, at episode's end he returned to apologize to Fletcher, and thus, make good with viewers.

Pell thinks audiences would see a different side of him as the Bachelor. "Hopefully I would be a fun Bachelor!" he said. "That's the part
of me [people] didn't get to see on this show. A lot of my stories are so intense
and deep about my military background ... but I love to have fun."

Fletcher is rooting for both! "They are both phenomenal choices," she says. "Both extremely good-looking, but besides that they are great guys."

Who do you want to see as the next Bachelor? Let me know on Twitter: @laurenzima.

The Bachelorette
season finale airs Monday, August 1 on ABC, but we've got Men Tell All to dive into before then! Watch our exclusive preview below.