EXCLUSIVE: Chad Johnson is 'Messy, Violent' and a Total 'Disaster' on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

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Believe it or not, notorious Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson tops himself on Bachelor in Paradise.

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I caught up with twins Emily and Haley Ferguson (from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor) and Chad himself, who all hinted that something seriously disturbing occurred with Chad in Paradise – though, get this: Chad hints he doesn't remember what happened! 

"I will be excited to tune in," he told me. "We will all learn about Bachelor in Paradise together."

Why would he not remember what went down? The muscleman does appear tipsy in promos for the new season. In one take, Chad slurs his words and punches the air while threatening his pal, Canadian Daniel. 

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Of course, the twins couldn't get into spoiler-y specifics on what they recall, but Emily dubbed Chad's appearance on the show as a
"disaster." The pair also teased that Chad does something that's never happened in Bachelor Nation -- and maybe never even on reality TV -- before! "It gets messy and violent," Haley said.

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We do know from promos that Chad goes off on host Chris Harrison. He's seen yelling, "F*** you, Chris Harrison!" That might explain why I spotted Chad apologizing to Chris during the Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping on July 16. Chad said he was sorry for what happened in Paradise, and Chris graciously accepted the apology, saying, "It's all good."

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The new season of BIP premieres August 2 on ABC. The question now is what might drive Chad over the edge. One spoiler: It appears that Chad and his Bachelorette arch nemesis Evan are interested in the same woman in Paradise! Find out who in the video below.