Montel Williams Detained at Airport in Germany for Carrying Medical Marijuana

The TV host spoke out in defense of medical marijuana after he was detained.

Montel Williams had a run-in with German customs when he attempted to carry medical marijuana across borders.

The 60-year-old TV host was stopped by airport security on Friday when it was found that he had packed marijuana in his suitcase. He was briefly detained for about an hour, but was "neither arrested nor cited," his rep, Jonathan Franks, noted in a statement posted to Twitter. Williams was released once it was revealed that he had a prescription for the drug, which he uses to treat his multiple sclerosis (MS) that he's been battling since 1999.

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"Unfortunately this is the reality faced by medical marijuana patients every day all over the world,” Franks said. “Today, Montel reaffirms his commitment to fighting for sensible medical marijuana policies across the world and to fighting the stigma he and so many other seriously ill Americans face every day for simply following the advice of their doctor. Montel’s commitment to the fight for common sense marijuana reform has never been stronger.”

During an interview in 2007, Williams said he would continue to use marijuana until the day he dies. "Medical marijuana has allowed me to live a productive, fruitful life despite having multiple sclerosis," he explained. "Many thousands of others all over this country -- less well-known than me but whose stories are just as real -- have experienced the same thing."

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