John Cena and Victoria Justice Switch It Up in Hilarious Teen Choice Awards Election Spoof

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The Teen Choice Awards got into the presidential spirit during Sunday night's show.

2016's hosts, John Cena and Victoria Justice, channeled their inner presidential candidates -- and did a little gender reversal -- during one of the night’s many spoofs and skits.

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Before this year's candidates (or the celebrity versions of them) took the stage, Keegan-Michael Key took the microphone and gave his best President Obama impression in order to announce the two potential presidents.

He welcomed Hillary Clinton, aka Cena, who wore a pink pantsuit, and Donald Trump, portrayed by Justice, wearing a navy suit and red tie, to join him and talk politics.

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"Nice pantsuit, it's huge," Justice said while doing her best Trump. "Nice head badger -- it's ridiculous," Cena, as Clinton, jokingly replied.

The bit was in honor of Teen Choice teaming up with Rock the Vote to bring awareness to the voting process and prompt the younger generations to be involved. The audience and fans at home could cast their votes at or on Twitter using the hashtag #ChoicePresident.

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"You have to pick one of these major candidates. There's no write-ins, guys," Key explained about the rules. "I don't want to see any of your Biebers, or your Swifts, or your Pokemons."

Ultimately, Clinton won the fan-voted competition, causing Cena to breakout in an on-stage celebration. Only time will tell if the Teen Choice called the real-life election this November!

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