JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Test Their Relationship By Playing the Newlywed Game on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers sat down together with Jimmy Kimmel after Monday’s Bachelorette finale, which revealed that they're engaged, and the talk show host put their relationship to the test.

Kimmel had Rodgers and Fletcher play a version of the Newlywed Game, giving each of them some large note cards and a black pen to test how much the couple really knew about each other.

For the first question, they each had to name one of each other's childhood friends, and it seemed like things might go swimmingly after they both answered correctly. But things seemed to take a stumble after that.

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The second question had each of them naming the other's favorite song. It was clear that neither had a good grip on titles -- Fletcher correctly guessed that Rodgers' favorite song was by the band Needtobreathe, but didn’t know what it was called, while Rodgers' answer was "The Dixie Chicks one that has been playing non-stop for 24 hours," which was apparently correct.

So after two rounds, things were a little shaky, but ultimately it seemed that they knew each other pretty well. That is, until Kimmel asked the toughest question possible: "Name one of each other's grandparents."

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It was clear from her embarrassed reaction to the challenge that Fletcher really had no idea. This was proven when she revealed her answer, which read, "I'm sorry," with a sad face. While Rodgers seemed more confident in his response, it was equally underwhelming: "N/A."

"You don't have any that are living," Rodgers said, trying to explain his answer.

"Well, yeah, but they still have names, right?" Kimmel quipped. "That's a bump in your road."

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For the final question of the game, Kimmel posed a particularly tricky question: Name each other's favorite sports team.

The question sounds innocuous, but Rodgers has been dealing with a very public rift between himself and his older brother, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Clearly the question was supposed to hint at that drama, but the couple navigated it like pros.

Rodgers correctly recalled that Fletcher's favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks, while she got clever with her answer to avoid any tension and simply wrote "Vandy," referring to the Vanderbilt University football team, which Rodgers played for while attending the institution.

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"It's kind of a cop-out, because it's where I went to school," Rodgers admitted, laughing.

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