Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt React to 'The Hills' Special: 'Surprise! It's All About Lauren'

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Speidi’s at it again! Reality TV’s favorite villains, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, were not too pleased on Tuesday night when The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special aired. It turns out, MTV treated fans of the hit reality series to a sit-down with the show’s star, Lauren Conrad, and no one else. Thankfully, Montag blessed fans with a live blog of the whole episode on Broadly, and it was clear that there were some mixed emotions.

“Lauren is narrating all our lives again,” Montag wrote. “Surprise! It’s all about Lauren. Blogs have advertised the show as a ‘reunion,’ but it’s really an LC special.”


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Though the reality star initially seemed excited to relive certain parts of her life, she wasn’t particularly pleased with the newly released unseen footage.

“Tonight, they’re showing the clips and behind the scenes footage,” she wrote. “I feel like I’m watching found footage from a horror movie. My falling out with Lauren makes me sad, even years later.”

Montag went back and forth between slamming Conrad and sending her former friend some love.

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“It’s unfair that a decade after the show started, everyone still blames the drama on Spencer and me,” she said of herself and her hubby. And when the topic changed to Conrad’s marriage, Montag added, “I am so happy for Lauren and her marriage. Everyone deserves love like the relationship I have with Spencer. Love is so important, and she deserves happiness. I wish Lauren the best.”

She also called Conrad’s clothing line for Kohl’s “cute” and praised her work with the charity organization, The Little Market.

“I am very proud of you, Lauren!” she wrote. “You go, girl!”

Pratt took a very different approach to the special and Conrad’s involvement. He proudly declared on social media that he wouldn’t be watching.

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The Snapchat-loving star did take to Instagram’s new “Instagram Stories” feature to bash MTV and LC.

“In a perfect world the little MTV West Coast exec haters up LC’s butt eating poop would walk in here right now,” he declared while eating his lunch.

He also gave the execs some tips for future reunions, saying, “Yo, if MTV was smart, and they’re not because their network’s failing, they’d have had every single cast member on couches with Andy Cohen moderating."

Despite some of her supportive comments about Conrad, Montag proudly defended herself and her husband online, replying to one Instagram commenter.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” she wrote. “I did get caught up, not because of Spencer but myself. You can’t ever blame someone for your mistakes you take responsibility for yourself. But I did and I learned. We all did. Time to move on. That’s what [life] is about. Live and learn. God is all about grace, forgiveness and love.”

She also posted then deleted a tweet that read: “Honestly after all we have been through with @MTV I am so disappointed how they have treated @spencerpratt … #EpicFail.”

Time to start a petition for a Speidi Reunion Special, crystals and all!