Kris Jenner Recovering from Car Crash as Kylie Helps Her Stock Purse Closet: 'I'm Feeling Really Blessed'

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Nothing makes the pain go away like a room full of Birkins!

A day after injuring her wrist -- and severely damaging her Rolls-Royce -- in a car crash near her home in Calabasas, California, Kris Jenner is on the road to recovery.

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Despite early reports that Kris had broken her wrist in the crash, the famous momager tells ET that she's okay. "I'm feeling really blessed. Just sore and shaken," she said.

Kylie Jenner, who was first to give fans an update on her mom's condition, appears to be staying close as she recovers, lending a helping hand by stocking Kris' new closet.

The 18-year-old reality star shared a series of Snapchats on Wednesday, showing off her mom's insane Birkin Bag shrine.

"You guys, look at my mom's brand new closet," Kylie tells her followers in the video, displaying a wall of Birkin bags and a neon sign appropriately reading, "Need Money For Birkin."

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"I'm helping her load in the rest of her purses," she explains, before one bag's strap gets caught on another purse. "Oh, I don't want to hurt it! I really don't want to hurt this!"

"More little ones here," the Kylie Lip Kit creator announces as completes the arrangement with smaller clutches placed on a middle shelf. "Cute!"

And minutes later, the final product was revealed:

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Yes, there are over 20 of the luxury bags on display. And just keep in mind that each of these bags range in price from $12,000 to $223,000 at the Hermes store -- so, you do the math!

Kris and her youngest daughter have been extremely close lately; just last month, Kylie revealed she had named a lip kit shade, Kristen, after her mom.

"O.M.G.!!!!! I am so honored that Kylie surprised me and named a LipKit after me!!!!!" the Kardashian matriarch wrote on Twitter. "Wow I'm seriously obsessed with this color… it's absolutely PERFECT just like you @kyliejenner!!!!"

See more in the video below.