'Bachelor in Paradise' Contestant Sarah Herron on Chad Johnson's Insults and Apology: 'He's Not Sorry'

Plus, why Nick Viall says Chad is his own class of "villain."

Bachelor in Paradise
returns Monday night, and that means the return of Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson. In the season premiere last week, a drunken meltdown got Johnson kicked off the show by host Chris Harrison after just one night in Paradise. The disastrous debut included Johnson insulting contestant Sarah Herron, who was born with a disability, calling her called her a "one-armed b**ch". ET's Nancy O'Dell spoke with Herron and fellow contestant Nick Viall at ET's studios on Monday.

"It was disrespectful," Herron said. "It was way below the belt. … [Chad] keeps saying it was a joke, and he was being funny, but he actually said really horrible things."

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In our interview with Johnson last week, he offered an apology to Herron, but only when prodded. She isn't buying it.

"I think if he really wanted to apologize to me, which he still should, and can, it should be in person," Herron said. "Reach out to me -- don't do it on Twitter, don't do it with a camera in your face. I just feel like he's not sorry."

Herron said she hasn't seen any sincere remorse from Johnson -- neither in our ET interview, nor in the apology he posted to social media after the season premiere. "He's not taking any of it seriously," she said. "You're making fun of something I have no control over. I was born this way, and if you want to take stabs at people with disabilities, that's gnarly."

In the premiere, Herron wound up breaking down in tears. Viall defended her Monday. "I thought she did a great job of calling [Chad] out but at the same time keeping it classy and composed," he said. "It's OK to show emotion, and she was clearly upset."

Viall is familiar with the "villain" label in Bachelor Nation -- Bachelor in Paradise is his third stint in the franchise, and he went head-to-head with both Josh Murray on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, and Shawn Booth on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. But Viall says Johnson is in a class all his own. "I think most people in the Bachelor world who ever get labeled as the villain -- usually it's for little things like being assertive with the relationships, and maybe there are some jealousy aspects to it," Viall said. "I think Chad was one of the few real villains that we've had in Bachelor history, where some of the things he did were really just, honestly kind of despicable."

Viall said Johnson "really is" the way he seems on TV -- and that there was even more bad behavior from him that viewers didn't see. "If anything, the show is limited by time constraints," Viall said. "There's so many hours of footage. If anything, there's plenty more they could have shown."

Bachelor in Paradise
airs Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC. For Harrison’s take on Johnson's big blowup, watch the video below!