EXCLUSIVE: Nick Viall on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Rival Josh Murray: 'He Thinks He's a Lion'

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Bachelor in Paradise
is only heading into its second week, but there's already been plenty of drama. Monday night's episode will showcase chemistry between veteran Bachelorette contestant Nick Viall and Amanda Stanton of Ben Higgins' Bachelor season, but the sparks might be short-lived. A season teaser shows Josh Murray joining Paradise, and seemingly sweeping Stanton off her feet. So, do Viall and Murray once again go head-to-head over the same woman? ET's Nancy O'Dell spoke with Viall in studio on Monday, and he admits there’s drama with Murray -- though it may not be what viewers think!

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"It was definitely not over Amanda," Viall said of his tension with Murray. "People have this kind of idea of this rivalry between Josh and I -- I for one, didn't take it that way. When he came in, I was more or less indifferent. I think Josh, surprisingly, took a different approach. That world has a way of bringing out ego and pride and things like that."

Viall said his takeaway after a season of Paradise is that it brought out the full personalities of Bachelor Nation alumni. "You get to know [people] better, you get to see other aspects of their personality, and for some people, that's a real positive thing," he said. "For other people, it's the opposite -- it's not as positive. You see other sides of them that might not be as admirable, and for Josh, it might be more the latter."

"[Josh] is a bit of a peacock," he said with a smile. "He thinks he's a lion though." That's a direct reference to the teaser, which shows Murray quipping, "There's lions, and then there's sheep," as footage of Viall plays.

Also on hand Monday was Sarah Herron, who defended Viall. "I think Josh is a politician," she said. "I think he answers things to be favorable. So, I can see how he's very charming and girls could fall for him easily."

Bachelor in Paradise
airs Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC. To catch up on the drama so far, watch the video below!