EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey Debunks the Most Persistent Rumors About Her

In an exclusive interview with Mariah, ET got the GRAMMY winner to set the record straight on some rumors that have been following her.

In an exclusive interview with Mariah Carey, ET's Carly Steel got the GRAMMY winner to set the record straight on some rumors that have been following her.

Carey has long been considered one of Hollywood's most fabulous divas, but she reached a whole new level last month when reports swirled claiming she demands her own entrance music when she dines at Capri, Italy's famed restaurant, Ristorante Aurora.

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But Carey insists those rumors are false.

"They have their own playlist," Carey explains, adding that while her music did play, it was not by her own request. "Somebody there made a playlist of my songs that I like better than the playlists that I have, and I was there and I was like, 'Can we get this one?'"

Another rumor circulating is that Carey has restaurants fly in her favorite wines from France for dinners. This one Carey also denies.

"Sure, yeah, we do that every day," she says sarcastically. "Please don't believe it."

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What's for certain is that Carey, 46, looks better than ever, and Steel wondered how the legendary singer is able to maintain her figure even while vacationing on her $25 million yacht anchored off the coast of Italy.

"It is really hard for traveling," Carey admits. "I just have to eat the same boring food all the time and I was trying to get in some water workouts with a trainer that is here."

And just because she's on vacation, doesn't mean she's not working. Carey is back in the studio, recording a new album with longtime producer Jermaine Dupris, and her long-awaited guest appearance on Empire airs Oct. 5.

Carey will play Kitty, a mega superstar, when she reunites with her Precious director for the role, which Carey made clear is nothing like her.

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"It's not going to be Mariah Carey," she says. "We've had a couple of conversations and I think she is going to be pretty glamorous, but I don't know. We will see."

After her vacation, Carey will resume her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace on Aug. 24. Click here for ticket information.