Chad Johnson Apologizes in Person to Sarah Herron for 'Bachelor in Paradise' Behavior: It Was 'Super Messed Up

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Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson managed to score some much-desired screen time yet again on Tuesday's After Paradise, where the outlandish bad boy came bearing apologies.

Johnson, whose brief but disgustingly memorable time on this season of Bachelor in Paradise came to a end when he was kicked off the show by host Chris Harrison during the first episode, blamed much of his behavior on booze.

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"To be honest, I drank a lot," Johnson said, stating the obvious. One of his most insane moments on Bachelor In Paradise revolved around the 28-year-old real estate agent getting trashed and supposedly soiling himself in a drunken stupor.

However, Johnson also defended himself against claims that he signed up for Bachelor in Paradise in order to get a second chance in the public eye, or to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

"I'm not trying to redeem myself. I don't care if people think I'm a good person or a bad person," Johnson explained. "I'm not pulling a Nick Viall here and being like, I'm a good person now, please like me.' I'm not trying to pawn teeth whitener on Instagram."

While Johnson made it clear that he didn't care about people's perceptions, he still attempted to explain his Bachelor in Paradise confrontation with contestant Sarah Herron -- who was born with only the upper half of her left arm -- in which he called Herron a "one-armed b**ch."

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"I do want to clear it up. I obviously feel really bad," he said. "That is something she can't control. A person with a disability. That is super messed up. But what happened and what was not aired is literally, she followed me around the entire day telling me what I could and could not say."

"I'm a guy with no filter. I will say the things I shouldn't say," Johnson continued, adding that, when pushed, he takes things to "the max level and say the worst thing to think of to shut your mouth, to leave me alone. And that's what happened."

Herron appeared with Johnson on After Paradise where she got the opportunity to listen to his explanation and apology in person.

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"I am sorry. I should absolutely never have said that. I did not want to say anything like that," shared Johnson, who said he "didn't even notice" Herron's disability for the first seven or eight hours of filming. "I said something I shouldn't have said, and I apologize for saying what I shouldn't have said and that is messed up."

Host Michelle Collins asked Herron if she would accept Johnson's apology, which she did.

"I accept, yeah," Herron said. "I think that's what I wanted -- to hear it face-to-face and in person."

For more on Johnson's crazy-even-for-him behavior on last week's Bachelor in Paradise premiere, check out the video below.

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