CW Boss Says 'The Vampire Diaries' Series Finale Will 'Satisfy Fans' -- Even If Nina Dobrev Doesn't' Return!

The CW

Listen up, fanged fans!

With The Vampire Diaries officially coming to a close after its upcoming eighth season, viewers have all been wondering the same question: Will Nina Dobrev reprise her role as Elena Gilbert?

"There are discussions going on with Nina," The CW's president of programming, Mark Pedowitz, shared on Thursday morning at the summer Television Critics Association press tour, revealing to reporters that the network is hopeful that everyone's favorite human turned vampire turned sleeping cursed human will be back in Mystic Falls.

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"We'd love to have Nina back. She was great for The CW, she was integral for The Vampire Diaries and these are discussions that go on," he said. "Hopefully she'll be back, but should it not work ,out, Julie has planned a great finale that will satisfy fans."

Pedowitz explained that he and Peter Roth, chief executive of Warner Brothers Television, fully supported TVD executive producer Julie Plec's decision to end the bloodthirsty series.

"This is the right time to end the series and have it go out in the right way, so we backed Julie in her decision along those lines and we made the decision to make the announcement at Comic-Con," Pedowitz said.

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"The greatest honor as a storyteller in the business of television is to be able to make those decisions with your peers and your friends and your fellow storytellers," Plec said last month at the Comic-Con panel, as her voice started to break. "We’ve made the decision that … this is it."

As for The Vampire Diaries spinoff series, The Originals, Pedowitz stressed that the Mikaelson family's fate on the network is not necessarily tethered to the Salvatores.

"It's a separate series at this point," the network boss said. "They share a mythology, but they diverge and they live very well on its own. We'll see how it does when it comes back this season."

"I'm hopeful that we'll see a fifth year," Pedowitz added.