Andy Samberg Is Happy to Be Known for 'D**k in a Box' But Will Never Do Full-Frontal

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According to Andy Samberg, the level of raciness in his famous "D**k in a Box" sketch is about as outrageous as he's willing to go.

If Samberg never did a thing after "D**k in a Box," he'd still be a Saturday Night Live legend, and he admits to Playboy in a new interview that he is "very comfortable" with being remembered for the hilarious 2006 SNL sketch featuring Justin Timberlake.

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In fact, he says SNL boss Lorne Michaels jokes it will be on his tombstone, but Samberg vows to never go "the full monty" for a movie.

"I don't think I'd ever do it, because of the internet," Samberg explains. "Once you show your d**k, that's the first image that comes up on Google for the rest of your life. I don't want my d**k on the internet."

Strangely enough, taking his pants off seems to have been a big reason for how Samberg scored his gig on SNL in the first place. The 37-year-old Brooklyn Nine-Nine star recalls his audition for the show, saying, "I went to the flea market and bought this ridiculous pair of super-short Adidas 1980s jogging shorts. I was hanging out with Liz [Cackowski], who already worked at SNL, so I showed her the shorts and we came up with this bit about an out-of-breath jogger making random references to events from 1982."

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"It made us laugh, so for the audition I put the shorts on underneath my pants, and in the last part of my audition, I took off my pants to reveal these crazy-tight shorts," Samberg continues. "Lorne Michaels says that was the moment he decided to hire

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