Kate Hudson Gets the Cutest Makeover From Her 5-Year-Old Son Bing


Kate Hudson got all glammed up on Friday night, thanks to her son, Bing.

The Almost Famous star spent a night in with her 5-year-old son, offering up her face as a canvas for one heck of a makeover.

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Hudson documented the whole thing for her fans on Snapchat, but first teased the makeover on Instagram.

"My favorite kinda Friday night," she captioned a video of her makeover, along with the hashtags #TGIF, #Bingo, #MyLittleArtist, #AvanteGardeChild and #SlappingTechniqueOnFire.

"Someone wants to do my makeup," the mother of two captioned a cute photo of herself on Snapchat with rosy cheeks, before letting Bing work his magic.

Bing quickly became a cosmetics champ, even creating his own application technique. "I like the brush technique," Hudson giggled. "It's like a new thing."


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The little one next moved onto eyeshadow, carefully choosing the color pink from his mom's large pallet, and accenting with a bit of silver.


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Apparently the night called for more of an avant-garde look, as Hudson's son proceeded to decorate her eyebrows with the pink color, and added a shade of blue under her eyes. "Silver and pink, dope colors," the 37-year-old actress said. "Blue's going to be interesting."


"That's good. That looks really… that's very modern," Hudson said when she got a look at the final product. "Cool, look at that. What do you think?"

"I like it!" Bing proudly exclaimed.

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While the actress spent the night bonding with her son, she spent the day by herself -- enjoying a glass of wine in the bathtub.

See more in the video below.