Sir Ian McKellen Turned Down $1.5 Million to Officiate Sean Parker's Wedding as Gandalf

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You know what's cooler than $1 million? Turning down $1 million to show up somewhere because you didn't like the dress code.

Napster tycoon and the first president of Facebook Sean Parker reportedly offered Sir Ian McKellen one million pounds (approximately $1.5 million) to officiate his wedding in character as Gandalf from Lord Of the Rings, but the Oscar-nominated actor flat out refused.

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According to Daily Mail, McKellen was asked to marry Parker and his now-wife, singer Alexandra Lenas, in 2013, which he might have considered doing (McKellen conducted the 2013 civil union of his friend Sir Patrick Stewart and his fiancee Sunny Ozell) if it weren't for the caveat that he had to be dressed as Gandalf.

"I said, 'I am sorry, Gandalf doesn't do weddings,'" McKellen told Daily Mail.

Parker's Tolkein-themed wedding reportedly cost him $9 million, a fraction of his $2 billion net worth.

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A source told Daily Mail, "The offer to Sir Ian to officiate was made through a mutual friend of Sir Ian's and Sean Parker."

Without one of the film series' biggest stars, Parker settled with the LOTR costume designer Ngila Dickson, who made custom-made outfits for guests which included Sting and Emma Watson.