John Krasinski and James Corden Share Unseen Footage of Themselves in 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Gone With the Wind' and


It takes two! On Wednesday night, James Corden revealed a little-known-fact about himself and actor John Krasinski on The Late Late Show.

“I’ve known John a very long time,” he told the audience. “We’ve actually worked together a lot. But for one reason or another it just hasn’t worked out. In fact, we’ve worked together so many times that a couple of years ago, they actually made a short documentary about how hard of a time we as a pair have had.”

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The show then flashed back to the “documentary” made in 2014 where the pair talked about their performances together.

“We’ve had the opportunity to star in some of the greatest motion pictures in history,” Corden said.

“Bizarrely, we’ve been fired from every single one of them,” Krasinski added.


First, they were cast in the roles later inhabited by Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men, but when they had a “no, you can’t handle the truth, no, you can’t handle the truth” fight they were cut from the project.

After that Corden said the secret to their success was their lengthy history together.

“We’ve been working together since 1939. We ended up on the set of a little movie called Gone With the Wind,” Corden noted.

In the never-before-seen footage, Corden played Scarlett O’Hara while Krasinski flubbed the part of Rhett Butler, declaring, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a care,” while wearing aviator sunglasses before dropping a microphone.

“I’m actually glad we didn’t get those parts because the movie is not good,” The Office alum said.

Gone With the Wind, more like Gone With Three Hours of My Life,” Corden quipped.


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Turns out, the duo also got cast in Pulp Fiction, but instead of reciting Samuel L. Jackson’s famous monologue, they couldn’t stop rapping Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise.”

“That’s not the first part I’ve lost to Samuel L. Jackson, and I doubt it will be the last,” Corden said solemnly.

Sadly, things took a turn for the pair when Corden was cast in the musical adaptation of Into the Woods while Krasinski lost the role of the Baker’s Wife to his own wife, Emily Blunt.

Watch the hilarious clip now!