EXCLUSIVE: Jenna Dewan Opens Up About Raising Daughter Everly: 'Some Days I'm Not That Great At It'

Plus, see the latest pics from the 'Step Up' star's Danskin campaign!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum can't stop gushing over her little family!

In a behind-the-scenes interview clip obtained by ET from her latest photo shoot with Danskin, the dancer and actress explains what life is like at home with her husband, Channing Tatum, and their 3-year-old daughter, Everly.

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"A normal day for me is, I get up with my daughter, [and] we generally watch Sesame Street," Jenna, 35, adorably reveals. "We do some breakfast, we change. It takes a while to put clothes on my daughter, so you gotta, like, plan that out."

"Then, if I'm with her, we normally go to the park or do something fun," she adds. "And then generally when she naps, is when I go do things. I'll either go work out or go do my meetings, or go and do whatever I need to do for my work, and then I'm home by dinner."

"We do dinner, we do bedtime -- 20 million books, 20 million songs," she continues, laughing. "And then I'm lucky if I got her down on time and then I'm like, 'Ahhhh, 200 e-mails to return.' That's my normal life!"

Jenna says that balancing her busy life is a struggle, but she couldn't be happier to be doing what she loves with the two people she loves most.

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"Definitely there are lots of days that l am really tired, especially after becoming a new mom," she confesses. "There's nothing more exhausting because physically, mentally, emotionally it requires you to be on all the time."

"And having a job and being married and having a crazy busy life, I try and balance as much as I can," she continues. "I do the best I can. Some days I'm not that great at it, some days I'm better, but I have found -- and it's so true, a lot of people will say that -- that over time, you really have to take time for yourself, and it’s the hardest thing for me to do because I [think], 'There's so many other things I should be doing, there's other people to be taking care of.'"

Busy, indeed!

Jenna is the new brand ambassador for Danksin, a women's dance and activewear line, and she will be the face (and body!) of their fall 2016 ad campaign. The images will launch in the October issues of magazines like Teen Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar and Self.


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"I'm hoping I can steal pieces from today's shoot because I don't think anyone's going to want to wear them after I've been sweating in them all day long," she joked following the photo shoot, which had her jumping on a trampoline and leaping on a rooftop. "I found out recently my very first leotard was Danskin when I was [in] my very first dance class when I was four years old."

And she's been rocking them ever since! Jenna admits it's been awhile since she hit the dance floor, but performing in front of the camera again is "like riding a bicycle."

"I like to say, 'Once a dancer, always a dancer,'" she dishes. "In everything -- the way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk, the way you sit -- everything is just, you've been trained a certain way your whole life, so it's a bit muscle memory. It's maybe not quite what it was when you were doing it every day, but it does come back."


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The brunette beauty may be ultra-busy, but she always finds time to get up and be active -- something she's been doing since she was Everly's age.

"I like to be physical, and workout and dance, because it makes me feel good," she explains. "It really does. I grew up doing it -- it is obviously something that is so natural for me that when I'm not doing that, I actually feel kind of off and weird."

"My mom would always joke that I would just dance around the house [when I was younger,]" she adds. "[My parents] wouldn't even be able to have a conversation. They'd be like, 'Jenna, where are you?' And I'd be practicing my tap and be like, 'yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm doing my routine.' I just went through life dancing."

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