'Stranger Things' Star Shannon Purser Gets 'Super Real' on Body Image

Anna Ritch/Instagram

Shannon Purser is all about embracing body confidence!

The Stranger Things star -- who portrayed Nancy Wheeler's less-cool, responsible best friend, Barbara "Barb" Holland, in the supernatural Netflix series -- took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a positive message about shattering Hollywood's beauty standards.

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"Can I be super real?" she wrote. "Didn't think a girl with my body type could get this far. I'm so thankful and excited. Much love to you all."

The tweet was well-received, with fans writing things like, "I have a similar body type and it made me so happy to see you on Stranger Things," "Don't ever change. You are beautiful and brilliant!" and "This means so much, I love you." Another fan chimed in, saying, "Can I be real? You're killin' life and are so beautiful! Keep slaying the game girl!"

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The tweet came just two hours after Purser revealed over Instagram that she has joined the cast of Riverdale, The CW's new teen drama TV series that is based on iconic characters from the Archie Comics.

"SO excited to tell you all that I will be playing Ethel Muggs in the new CW show 'Riverdale,'" she gushed. "Cannot WAIT. ?? @thecwriverdale #riverdale#archie #cw."

As for Stranger Things, Purser isn't the only one from the show that was incredibly shocked by all the fan reaction she's received during its eight-episode first season.

ET caught up with her co-star, Joe Keery, earlier this month, where he explained there was "no way" he would have anticipated such success.

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"It was a definite surprise," Keery told ET on the red carpet at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event. "I mean, I read the script, loved the script and everything, and knew that everybody who was working on it was great, super-talented -- but the response has been crazy. Really crazy, yeah."

Hear more in the video below.