6 Reasons Why Nick Viall is the Perfect Choice for the New 'Bachelor'

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Tuesday night on ABC’s After Paradise, Nick Viall was announced as the new Bachelor. It was a surprise move; the standard protocol is that a finalist from the previous season of The Bachelorette takes the title. Luke Pell and Chase McNary from JoJo Fletcher’s season had even confirmed they were in talks. But here’s why Nick is exactly what Bachelor Nation needs!

1. He is 35 years old.

Yes, Ben Higgins was an amazing Bachelor and one of the nicest guys ever (Seriously. We’ve met him multiple times. He’s just nice.), but Ben was only 26 when he became the Bachelor, making him the youngest ever in the franchise’s 20-season history. As Bachelor No. 21, Viall will bring back a more experienced vibe to the show, supplying relationship wisdom that, frankly, only comes with time … and failure. (Also – Nick turns 36 on Sept. 29 – Happy early birthday!)

2. America loves a comeback story.

Like we said, the guy has had his failures. Viall was known as a bit of a villain after Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette; his behavior on After the Final Rose, when he revealed he and Dorfman had slept together in their fantasy suites, is an infamous moment in franchise history. Then, on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, he joined the show late and went head-to-head with Shawn Booth. But this season on Bachelor in Paradise, Viall has redeemed himself as a mature, funny, grounded guy. Even in the face of drama with Josh Murray, he’s kept his cool, largely serving as an onlooker to all the antics.

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3. He’s really, really good-looking.
‘Nuff said:

4. He’s good on camera.

At the end of the day, this isn’t just about love – The Bachelor is a TV show. The person who serves asBachelor or Bachelorette has to keep things moving and make the show fun to watch. After three seasons of reality TV, Nick definitely has on-camera experience.

5. He owns his past

Viall might have had an up-and-down history in Bachelor Nation, but he makes no excuses. In fact, he’s admitted several times on Paradise that some of the not-so-great stuff ex Andi Dorfman wrote about him in her tell-all book is true (Josh Murray, on the other hand, has called it a work of “fiction.”)

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6. He’s bringing back meaning to the word “journey.”

If we drank every time someone said “journey” on an episode of The Bachelor, we’d be totally gone every Monday night. The word is used across the Bachelor Nation franchises -- so much so that it often seems an empty, canned response at this point – a word that makes viewers’ eyes glaze over until the real drama starts. But Viall has actually been on a journey to find love. With two seasons of The Bachelorette and one of Bachelor in Paradise under his belt, he’s clearly had a hard time tracking down “the one,” and viewers have seen his struggle firsthand. We feel genuinely connected to him, and we’re cheering him on!

Do you think Nick was the right choice for the Bachelor? Let me know on Twitter @laurenzima, and check out this week's BIP recap (including many amazing moments from Nick) in the video below!