Chris Brown's Accuser Baylee Curran Stripped of Miss California Regional 2016 Title

More about Chris Brown's accuser Baylee Curran.

Baylee Curran -- the woman who accused Chris Brown of threatening her with a gun, leading to his arrest on charges of assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday -- was dethroned as Miss California Regional 2016 in July, ET has learned. According to an official statement from the pageant on Wednesday, she's also refused to return her crown and sash.

"Miss Curran has been dethroned as of July this year due to a breach of contract," the statement reads. "Baylee Curran has been asked numerous times to return her crown/sash which she has refused to do. We do not condone the alleged actions of Mr. Brown or his associates, however, Miss Curran has incorrectly identified herself as Miss California Regional."

Curran has posted multiple pictures of herself wearing her Miss California Regional sash and crown on her Instagram account, the most recent one being from less than a month ago, when she had already been stripped of the title.

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She had the title for two months, before the pageant organization says they "investigated allegations and incidents" that occurred during Curran's reign. Miss California Regional "prohibits any form of alcohol or paraphernalia use," nor do they "allow any behavior not befitting a queen."

A source tells ET pageant officials were sent an anonymous tip about "racy" photos of Curran, and that there was an investigation regarding them, but that this was only one of the reasons she was dethroned.

Despite the pageant drama, Curran still has photos of herself proudly wearing her crown on Instagram.

Curran has also had a previous brush with the law relating to an incident in 2013, the NYPD confirmed to ET on Wednesday. According to police, Curran and a friend entered the hotel room of a female acquaintance when they ended up getting into a dispute, at which point Curran's friend took the acquaintance's Michael Kors wallet and fled the scene, along with Curran. Curran is listed as a wanted individual in New York for this grand larceny investigation, and the complaint is still open.

Curran's rep tells ET her client was never contacted by NYPD, and had no knowledge that she was involved in any accusations.

"She was with two friends in New York and while she was out of the room, they got into a physical altercation and one slapped the other and came into her room with a red mark on her face and crying," Curran's rep claims with regard to the alleged incident. "Baylee was never contacted by NYPD and had no knowledge that she was involved in any accusations. Her manager is hiring an attorney to find out what this is all about."

ET spoke to Curran on Tuesday, when she said she feels "validated" by Brown's arrest. Curran claims she went to the 27-year-old singer's house on Monday night to talk to him about potentially being cast in his next music video, when things took a turn after she started admiring the diamond jewelry of another male at Brown's home. After she says another friend of Brown's started "cursing and screaming" at her to get away from the diamonds, Brown pulled out his gun and told her to 'get the f**k out.'"

"I'm scared for my life. I'm terrified," she explained when asked why she filed a police report. "I hope they can provide protection… I think the world kind of needs to know that this stuff does happen. A lot of violence is going on in the world right now and I think that we all kind of need to wake up to it and reunite and just share the love, I guess.”

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As far as pressing charges against the "Forever" singer, Curran says she is "still debating."

"I just hope he gets whatever he deserves," she told ET.

Before his arrest, Brown pleaded his innocence on Instagram. His attorney, Mark Geragos, also insists the allegations against him are "demonstrably false."

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