North West Is Scared of the Grandpa Filter, Laughs When Kim Kardashian Face Swaps With Kanye West

'Northy, go to bed!'

North West got two parents for the price of one on Thursday. The 3-year-old cutie goofed off with her mom, Kim Kardashian, on Snapchat and loved when the reality star face swapped with North’s dad, Kanye West.

“Northy, go to bed!” Kim says in an affected voice while sporting the mug of her rapper hubby.

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The mother-daughter duo tried out a series of filters. First Nori was filmed kissing her mom all over her face.

“You’re giving me so many kisses! Oh, I love you,” Kim says as North circles her, hopping around.

The pair also tried out the cute deer filter, and the grandpa one, both which modified their voices.

“I don’t like this one,” North says, trying to hide as the old man filter followed her face around.

“You don’t like this one? Looking like an old man!” Kim says in the background.

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The tiny tot then ditched the funny filters for a heavily made-up one, as her mom says, “Daddy will never let you wear this much makeup.”

Kim has been spending lots of time with her sweet family as she follows West on tour. After hitting up NYC for the MTV Video Music Awards, the family visited Canada.