EXCLUSIVE: Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Gets Real About Marriage: 'There Are Deal Breakers We Would Separate Over'

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is not afraid to admit her marriage isn't always filled with rainbows and butterflies -- or in her world, fairies, mermaids and magical roses.

The former Jersey Shore star stopped by ET's Burbank, California, studio on Thursday, where she opened up about her not-so-perfect relationship with husband Roger Mathews, and the real meaning behind the Disney-inspired tattoo sleeve she debuted last month on the cover of Inked magazine.

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"There are deal breakers in our relationship that we would separate over," she confessed to ET's Katie Krause, saying neither she or Roger would ever tolerate "cheating" or "things you can't go back in time" to fix. "Thank god we have never had to deal with that. But I definitely wouldn't say it's not an option, because if you are truly unhappy, you shouldn't stay in a relationship."

"To me, there's no happily ever after unless you truly work for it," the mother of two added. And that's exactly why she decided to permanently ink her left arm with a "happily never after" sleeve -- to mirror those exact thoughts.

"I took the four biggest scenes in my four biggest [Disney] love stories," the 30-year-old reality star explained. "Mind you, Disney now is a lot different from Disney from back in the day, where the knight, the shining armor, the guy, the damsel in distress, the women that need to be saved and the king, prince whatever makes it all better --tragically it does not work out like that."

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"I'm all for that," she continued, "but when I grew up, I always said I was going to have this perfect prince to save me and take care of me. Even though I love, cherish and respect Roger, relationships are hard."

JWoww, who also revealed she wanted to work for Disney as an animator before signing on to Jersey Shore, believes that every relationship takes work. It's a "50/50" process -- a prince doesn't just come in and make your life perfect overnight.

"I always make a joke, me and my friends do, [that] Disney screwed my perception of men -- and that's basically my sleeve," she dished. "Growing up I'm like, 'Oh my god, why isn't Prince Eric saving me?' you know what I mean? So I took the four main love stories that I loved and I changed all the men."

The sleeve features JWoww's favorite Disney couples depicted in a different light -- "Cinderella crying and [Prince] yoking her up," "Beast is still a beast," "Eric wants nothing to do with Ariel -- he's kind of the douche-y guy," and "Sleeping Beauty is actually dead" because her prince is "over her" and "he won't kiss her" to wake her up and break the spell.

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"These Disney stories -- Ariel was 16 when she ended up marrying [Prince Eric] and they only knew each other for 72 hours when you really think about it," she explained. "And Belle was trying to hook up with an actual beast."

Even though JWoww is well aware that the movies she grew up watching don't realistically depict true love, it hasn't stopped her from letting her daughter, 2-year-old Meilani, become a Disney lover herself.

"We watch them all the time," she gushed, while also explaining how Disney stories, like Frozen, are much different than they were back then. "I really love how they’re showing the empowerment of women, and [how] you don’t need a man for like, ever. You can be happy, and your true love can be a sister or a mother."

As for how things are with Roger, she says the two both "love" to work, and have finally found a balance.

"He was on my show for me, and now that he doesn't have to be [on it] he would prefer his job," JWoww told ET. "Separating work helps."

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"You can have your happily ever after," she continued, "but like I said, it takes constant work. We've been together almost seven years. Day in, day out -- especially raising two children -- the differences of opinions on how to raise them, where to live, where to send our kids to school -- you have to find happy middle ground on those issues. In this day and age, I just feel like it’s easier to quit, and a lot of relationships do. We are just constantly trying to find that happy medium."

JWoww says that right now, the two couldn't be happier.

"He's my best friend," she gushed. "He's the only person in this world that puts me in my place, so I actually respect him even more for that, and I love him for that because he can call me out on my B.S."

In addition to Meilani, Roger and JWoww are also parents to son Greyson Valor, whom they just welcomed in May. JWoww immediately shot down the idea of having a third child -- "Oh my god, no!" -- because she feels she and her husband already have their hands full.

"I wanted three [kids] so bad until I had two," she joked in conclusion. "But I was an only child, I have only-child syndrome."

Season two of Snooki & JWoww: Moms With Attitude premieres Monday, Sept. 12 on Go90 and the Awestruck YouTube channel. JWoww also just launched her own make-up line, JWoww Cosmetics.

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