EXCLUSIVE: Lace Morris Worries Grant Kemp Won't Propose on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale

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Bachelor in Paradise
comes to a close Tuesday night, but things may be headed in a dangerous direction for one of the season’s most consistent couples: Grace!

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris have been nearly inseparable since night one (save for Morris’ brief interaction with ‘The Chad’), so this hiccup might come as a shock to viewers. ET was on hand just before the BIP finale was taped in Mexico, where Morris told us that she was worried Kemp would not propose!

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“Unfortunately this morning he is having a little cold feet,” she told ET the morning after the fantasy suites. “He is scared and he's just not sure that he wants to for sure engaged tomorrow … I'm actually sweating bullets right now.”

On Monday night, viewers saw Kemp and Morris get matching tattoos and head into the fantasy suite, and things seemed fine. But apparently, something goes surprisingly awry during Morris and Kemp’s time off camera. “It's just very unexpected,” Morris added to ET. “I didn't see it coming.”

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Here’s where things get sticky: Morris said she wasn’t sure she could continue their relationship at all if Kemp didn’t propose. “I don't know if I could make it work in two states if you're not willing to just have the validation of being engaged,” she revealed.

The season finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday night on ABC. For all the reasons we love Kemp, watch the video below!