Britney Spears Hilariously Teaches Ellen DeGeneres How to Strut Through a Mall: 'Hips Don't Lie!'

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Ellen DeGeneres is giving Britney Spears a lesson in Celebrity 101!

In a sneak peek clip from Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talk show host hilariously teaches the "Make Me…" singer how to play up her fame at a mall in Sherman Oaks, California.

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"I wanted to take advantage of the celebrity lifestyle with my famous friends, so I called Britney Spears and took her to the Westfield Fashion Square mall," DeGeneres explains in the clip. "I told her we could do whatever we wanted because we were famous and here's what happened…"

Dressed in a black crop top and black cut-offs, a choker necklace and pink sunglasses, the video begins with the diva driving DeGeneres to their location. "Here's the thing that I believe, that you are a huge celebrity," DeGeneres exclaims. "And I think -- just run the stop sign, who cares? -- you need to take advantage of your celebrity."


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"Excuse me, excuse me, we're celebrities, we have to go through, we're celebrities," DeGeneres jokes as she and Spears cut in front of shoppers entering Bloomingdale's. "We're busy celebrities, thank you. See, that's what you do."

Once inside, Spears spots a punching bag, and asks DeGeneres if she wants to "punch that thing right there." Naturally, they go for it as the host yells, "you better work, b***h!"


The duo breaks even more rules by walking the wrong way up an escalator. "Ellen, are you serious? OMG, I'm scared, Ellen!" Spears exclaims as they make their way over to the suit section.

"So, this would be a 100% discount because she's a celebrity?" DeGeneres asks, as Spears models her new jacket. "OK, great. Somebody stole something, I can hear it."


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The tables turn when Spears plays teacher, showing DeGeneres how to strut her stuff through the mall. "Use your hips, 'cause hips don't lie," she explains. "Also, it helps if you put your hands on your hips."


And apparently, being a celebrity is pretty exhausting.


Watch the full sneak peek clip below ahead of the all-new episode, airing on Wednesday.

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