Ariana Grande Reveals Tour Details, Marvels Over Recording a Song With Stevie Wonder: 'That's It For Me'

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Ariana Grande has been teasing her upcoming Dangerous Woman Tour, and on Thursday night she sat down with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show to share some details about the long-awaited tour.

"The first batch of dates will be up on tonight," Grande shared, enthusiastically. "I'm very excited, I can't wait to get on the road again."

The tour kicks off Feb. 2 in Phoenix, Arizona. So far, Grande has only announced dates up until April 15 with her show in Orlando, Florida, but promised that won’t be all.

"There will be more dates coming," the 23-year-old singer explained, "but this is it for now. I just had to get something up because of my fans, I promised them. I'm a little late."

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Grande is also looking forward to the release of the upcoming animated comedy Sing, as she's featured on the soundtrack in a on a new Stevie Wonder song, "Faith." And Grande couldn't not contain her excitement over working with the music legend.

"I'm featured on a Steve Wonder song, man! That's like, what?" Grande marveled. "I'm done now, I'm good. That's it for me."

For her, the experience wasn't just great because of who she got to collaborate with, but the actual recording process itself.

"Not only did I get to sing with him, but we were in the same booth, so it was like, me and Stevie Wonder arm-in-arm, holding hands in the booth, singing together, laughing, having a good time," Grande recounted. "Every time I got comfortable with the fact that I was in a booth, arm-in-arm with Stevie Wonder, he would hit a Stevie run, and I'd be like, 'Oh, s**t, that's Stevie Wonder.’"

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After their interview, Fallon and Grande put their friendship to the test with the Best Friend Box Challenge -- a Newlywed Game-esque segment in which they tried to guess secrets about each other.

It turns out that, if she could be any animal, Grande would be a seahorse (despite all the cat ears she wears) and that her childhood celeb crush was Jim Carrey.

Later in the episode, Grande closed the night out with a performance of her catchy, controversial new hit single "Side to Side."

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