Chelsea Clinton Says She and Ivanka Trump Will Be Friends 'Long After' Election Ends

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Clinton dished all about their seemingly unlikely friendship during her appearance on 'The View' on Friday.

Chelsea Clinton says her friendship with Ivanka Trump isn't going anywhere.

The two ladies may be on opposite sides of the upcoming presidential election, but during her appearance on Friday's The View, Clinton insisted their friendship comes first. 

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"Absolutely not," the 36-year-old former (and possibly future) first daughter said of whether the election has impacted their relationship. "We were friends long before this election, and we will be friends long after this election."

"Our friendship didn't start in politics, it's certainly not going to end because of politics. I have tremendous respect for Ivanka. I love her family," she added. "She's a working mom, like I [am]. We have so much more in common than we have disagreement about."

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Clinton made clear that her friendship with Trump will remain despite what Ivanka’s father, Donald, has said about Clinton's mother, Hillary. When asked about the Republican presidential candidate's recent statements that his Democratic opponent doesn't look presidential, Clinton certainly didn't pull any punches.

"I think that sort of stands on its own," she replied. "I've been so much more troubled in this campaign about what he has said about women broadly, about Americans with disabilities, about our veterans, about Americans who don't kind of share his straight, white male heritage."

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But back to the girls' friendship. Trump recently echoed Clinton's statements in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

"I still consider her a very close friend, and she considers me as well," she said last month. "We have a great relationship. I'm not running for public office, and neither is she, so of course we're still friends."

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