Ariana Grande Gets Embarrassed by Boyfriend Talk on 'Ellen,' Officially Confirms Mac Miller Relationship

It's official!

Ellen, stahppp!! Ariana Grande got visibly embarrassed on Wednesday, when she was questioned about her new boyfriend, Mac Miller, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Let’s talk about your love life, can we?” DeGeneres asked Grande.

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The 23-year-old “Dangerous Woman” singer immediately started fidgeting in her chair, saying, “Oh my God, oh God, I don’t know, man. This is so crazy.”

The host noted that Grande and her new beau, rapper Mac Miller, previously performed together on her show three years ago.

“I asked you something about him, and you said ‘I’m his homie,’ and how he’s living in your homie,” she quipped.

Grande covered her mouth and said, “There’s that.”

Despite making things Instagram official earlier this month, the singer was definitely uncomfortable with DeGeneres’ line of questioning.

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“This is so crazy,” she said. “I’ve never had the relationship talk on a show before. No pressure.”

DeGeneres continued to question her, asking for confirmation that the pair were, in fact, officially together.

“Oh yeah,” the singer finally confirmed, before hiding under her arms.

For more on their romance, watch the video below!