'The Voice' Premiere: Miley Cyrus Declares She's 'About to Win' With Soulful Contestant

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The girls are taking over!

Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys proved their power right off the bat on Monday's season 11 premiere of The Voice, with the 23-year-old "Wrecking Ball" singer playfully declaring that she's "about to win" in her first time out as a coach.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are also back as the series' winningest coaches, pondering whether they need to join forces and "be nice to each other" to have a shot at winning this season. (Spoiler alert: they still have no interest in acting friendly, and the results are as hilarious as ever.)

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"Adding Alicia and Miley was an amazingly great decision," executive producer Mark Burnett told ET on the Emmys red carpet on Sunday, just before The Voice won the award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. "It really is amazing. Everyone's going to be talking about this every single week."

One episode in, here's how the teams are shaping up.


Ali Caldwell

We already saw Ali's stellar audition during last month's preview special, prompting all four coaches to turn around with her cover of Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman." "I'm about to win season 11 with this girl," Miley jokingly trolled Adam -- but she could be right! Despite best efforts to win her over from all four coaches, soulful Ali chose to go an "unexpected" route by choosing to go for Team Miley.

Courtnie Ramirez

Courtnie, 17, wow-ed Miley and Alicia with "Mama Knows Best" early on in the episode. While Blake and Adam are known for undermining each other in an effort to get the best singers on their respective teams, Miley and Alicia actually did the opposite, building each other up as coaches. "This is hard!" Miley said at one point, but wound up making her case by promising that she would "have more of the younger squad on my team."

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Jason Warrior

Alicia beat out Adam to secure the very first contestant for her team. "Congratulations, buddy, you're the very first person Alicia Keys has hit her button for -- ever," Blake reminded Jason.
"I'm super proud of you, man, I just heard all that energy and all that soul," Alicia gushed. It was clear from the beginning, Jason was always for Team Alicia!

Dave Moisan

Alicia topped Adam for the second time in a row (along with Blake and Miley, who also turned around!) with Dave, who admitted to coming in to his audition planning to choose Adam as his mentor. "I was actually at a Maroon 5 show," the medical device salesman explained of how he discovered a passion for performing. "You may not remember this, but I got to go backstage and we actually hung out." Miley cut in quick, "He didn't even remember you! I would always remember you." In one of the most spirited debates of the episode, Alicia jumped in for the win. "I have that knack for bringing a soulful experience into the real world," she said. "I think Adam's is not as deeply rooted as mine."

Christian Cuevas

The son of the late Puerto Rican superstar Julio Cuevas, Christian turned up the emotion on his cover of "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You." Blake and Adam each turned their chairs almost instantly at the start of his performance, with Alicia following suit not long after. "I really felt you," she told him. "When I saw you, I was like, 'Wow, I know you.' You either got it or you don't got it, and you got it!"

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Riley Elmore

Adam started his team strong with 16-year-old Riley, who sang a nearly flawless rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight." Despite Blake's best efforts to name-drop his pal, Michael Buble, Adam forged a quick bond with Riley by offering up some early coaching advice and even getting up to sing together. According to Riley, the move paid off and "showed me that he has initiative and he wants to help me."


Sundance Head

Yep, you read that name right. Sundance is the son of singer Roy Head, and caught the ear of both Blake and Adam. Sundance admitted to being inspired by Alicia's first album, even delivering a few lines of "Fallin'" after his audition -- but between the cowboy hat and his kids rooting for Team Blake, it was quickly clear that Sundance was destined to work with the "She's Got a Way With Words" singer. Blake compared the soulful Texan to Travis Tritt, Chris Stapleton and Ronnie Milsap, and walked away with his first team member of the new season.

Dana Harper

The 25-year-old daughter of NBA star Derek Harper was one of the most unexpected additions to Blake's roster, after Dana initially said she was hoping to go Team Alicia. Even though Alicia was the first coach to turn her chair for Dana's smooth cover of Nick Jonas' "Jealous," followed by Blake and Adam, it was Blake that came through in the end. "I know I'm a country singer, but that's just what I do when I'm on stage," Blake told her. "Whatever you are, it's about me helping guide you through this process." Later, he admitted, "I couldn't be happier right now. I thought that was a long shot for me." Miley agreed, noting, "That just put him in the game."

"I've never worked with anybody like Blake Shelton, so I wanted to give myself an opportunity to grow in a different way as an artist," Dana said after the audition.

Gabe Broussard

Baby-faced 15-year-old Gabe chose Blake over Miley as his coach after impressing both with his performance of "Lonely Night in Georgia." Afterwards, Adam and Alicia both conceded that they had "made a mistake" by not turning their chairs for him. "You sounded like such a stud," Blake gushed. "I couldn't believe it, man. Are you kidding me? Of course I'm gonna hit my button. You're the guy we've been waiting for. ... I think you're amazing. I think musically we probably have a lot in common."

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