EXCLUSIVE: Nick Jonas Compares 'Living a Public Life' to Getting Hazed: 'It's a Bit Like Being Unfairly Judged

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Nick Jonas never subjected himself to fraternity hazing, but at Monday night's Goat premiere, he told ET he didn't have to.

"I like to think that living a public life at times can be a bit like getting hazed," Jonas told ET. "It's a bit like being unfairly judged at times."

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In Goat, Jonas plays Brett, a frat guy who displays reservations when his younger brother, Brad (Ben Schnetzer), sets out to join his fraternity. As the pledging ritual moves into hell week, the stakes increase, putting the brothers' relationship to the ultimate test.

Nick has two older brothers of his own, Kevin and Joe, who gave him more than enough experience to qualify for the role.

"We built a great group of friends around us that we were all willing to give each other a decent amount of crap and different things, so we lived it out in our own way," Nick said. "Joe has a tendency from time to time to get a little bit of a hot head. So you got to back your brothers up if things go down."

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Goat is Nick's latest major role as he makes the transition from pop star to serious actor, and the GRAMMY-nominated artist got major kudos from co-star and producer James Franco.

"Anytime somebody transitions from one medium into another, there's going to be a certain amount of focus put on them," Franco said. "So the fact that he was kind of doing that showed me he's going to take this really seriously, and really throw himself into it, and he did."

Goat is in theaters and On Demand and digital HD Sept. 23.