EXCLUSIVE: Nick Jonas Reveals the Secret to Playing Drunk and Dishes on 'Jumanji' Role

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In Nick Jonas' new film, Goat, the singer-turned-movie star plays a member of a fraternity hazing new pledges during hell week -- meaning there were plenty of scenes where Jonas had to play drunk.

The 24-year-old actor opened up to ET's Denny Directo at the Los Angeles premiere of his dark college drama on Tuesday, where he revealed his secret for acting like he'd knocked back a few too many without actually imbibing.

"It depends on the scenario and the scene [but] they’ve got these good eye drops that kind of help make you look a little drunk," Jonas said. "Then also, you know, the old baseball bat [trick]. Spin around a few times, try to walk, that helps."

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Jonas, who never had the so-called "college experience," said shooting the film helped him understand what he was missing out on.

"I had a night out in Bowling Green, Ohio before we started shooting, and that was pretty intense," Jonas recounted. "I had a few too many drinks that night… [but] overall it was an amazing experience and tapping into these two characters… was just a great ride."

Now that he's experienced the wild and crazy side of college life, Jonas is off to spend time in the beautiful Hawaiian wilderness as he joins Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart for the highly anticipated Jumanji sequel.

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"I actually take off tomorrow morning for Hawaii, I’m going to do Jumanji, which should be a good time," Jonas said. "[It has a] very different tone to this movie. So I want to keep doing things like that, keep popping up in different roles and surprising people."

As for his role in the action adventure flick, Jonas couldn't share much, but he did give a little tease, explaining that he plays "an important character that helps the rest of the team kind of go about their journey in this game."

Johnson shared a first look from the set on Monday, showing himself and his co-stars decked out in their awesome jungle attire. The Rock teased fans, writing, "This movie is going to be dope as hell."

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Jonas spoke with ET on Monday at the New York premiere of Goat where he compared the fraternity hazing seen in the drama to life in the spotlight.

"I like to think that living a public life at times can be a bit like getting hazed," Jonas said. "It's a bit like being unfairly judged at times." Check out the video below to hear more.