James Corden, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Alan Cumming Turn 'Stranger Things,' 'Breaking Bad,' and 'Game of Thro


With the rise of hit shows like Hamilton and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, theater is on the rise these days! Tony winner James Corden decided to capitalize on that during a hilarious sketch on The Late Late Show with theater veterans Alan Cumming and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

In the group’s “Inappropriate Musicals” sketch, they sang original musical numbers based off hit shows like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad.

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It all started off with the hit HBO fantasy series with Ferguson playing Ned Stark as he was about to get beheaded.

“Birth and death, red and purple weddings, dire wolves and dragons have to grow,” Ferguson belted out. “So many white walkers, so many beheading. You can’t hold the door on tomorrow. Winter is coming, winter is coming, winter is coming all over you!”

At the end of the ballad, Stark is beheaded as King Joffrey (Cumming) and the executioner (Corden) sang the final lines.

They then transitioned to the desert for Breaking Bad, with Cumming playing Bryan Cranston's infamous Walter White.

“They call me Mr. Blue Crystal, my scientific abilities are just absurd,” he crooned in the jazzy tune. “I make meth out of next to nothing. You can call me Heisenberg!”

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Things got even funnier when the group acted out the hit Netflix drama, Stranger Things. With Cumming playing Winona Ryder’s distraught character, Corden pops out as the show’s monster, adding a sexy twist.

“I want to rock your body all around. I want to take your mama to the Upside Down!” he jammed.

Watch the entire clip above to see the whole hilarious sketch!

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