Celebs Speak Out About Historic Presidential Debate as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Face Off

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The first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump kicked off on Monday, and the 90-minute showdown had devotees of both political parties flocking to Twitter in an attempt to break the internet with a monsoon of commentary, angry sarcasm and mockery.

Before the candidates even took the stage, celebs were sharing their excitement (and trepidation) for the long-awaited battle of words between the polarizing figures, and there was no shortage of stars who were weighing in on how they thought the debates might go.

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"The cool thing is we now have the chance to watch 2 qualified & worthy candidates in a thoughtful dialogue," Girls creator Lena Dunham joked. "#JKLOLWTF #Debates2016."

Republican stalwart and former Presidential nominee Newt Gingrich was somewhat more optimistic about Trump's chances, sharing, "@realDonaldTrump will pass the test of being adequately competent & will get a big boost in acceptability."

Some stars were less hopeful about the night's events, like model and Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy Teigen, comedian Billy Eichner, director Adam McKay and others.

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As the debate progressed, celebs took Trump to task for his debate tactics -- which mostly involved yelling over Clinton's points and denying everything she said about him -- while moderator Lester Holt was criticized for failing to keep Trump from doing exactly that.

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