EXCLUSIVE: Laurie Hernandez Talks Sultry 'DWTS' Tango and Meeting Tori Kelly: 'I Lost All Chill'

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Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez dominated the dance floor on Monday's Dancing With the Stars when she and partner Val Chmerkovskiy pulled off a sultry, passionate tango that earned them the week's second-highest score.

The mature routine was a far cry from the 16-year-old gold medalist’s adorable, bubbly public persona, and Hernandez told ET after backstage that her costuming gave her the confidence she really needed.

"It was really hard but the outfit and the makeup really helped," Hernandez shared with ET's Angelique Jackson after the show. "They were doing my makeup and they did a dark lip and they straightened my hair and I was like, 'Oh, this is very sassy! Well, we're doing the tango!'"

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Between DWTS, publicity engagements and performing with the other members of the Olympic Final Five on the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions, Hernandez has a full plate. However, she says she's managing to balance it all by "remembering my passion for dancing."

While it's unlikely that the celebrated Olympic star will find herself on the DWTS chopping block any time soon, she admitted that there's always that fear that you might get sent home early.

"[I] never even want the chance of going home because I love dancing," she said. "I love doing Dancing With the Stars, and I've always loved this show, so I'm just glad I get another week to do what I love."

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On Saturday, while performing with her fellow Team USA gymnasts, Hernandez got the chance to meet one of her idols, singer Tori Kelly, and the excited fan could barely contain herself.

Hernandez dished on the adorable moment, which was captured on video and shared to Instagram, telling ET, "I lost all chill. I was so embarrassed."

"Any chill I had built up in the past 16 years has just left. Oh my god!" Hernandez said. "She added me back on Snapchat so I think we're kinda friends now."

For more on Hernandez's string of stunning DWTS performances during the first three weeks of season 23, check out the video below.

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