EXCLUSIVE: Mary J. Blige Opens Up About the Importance of Voting in New ATTN: Campaign

The 45-year-old singer reveals she wasn't always 'excited to vote.'

Mary J. Blige wants you to vote.

The 45-year-old singer recently partnered with ATTN:'s 3 Minutes video campaign to get the word out on voter registration, and only ET has an exclusive first look at her powerful clip.

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"I grew up in a housing project called Schlobohm," Blige says of her childhood in the video. "We were constantly fighting for our lives to survive."

"I was not excited to vote, but when I realized that I had a voice, I spoke," she explains. "Voting is important because who I select as president is going to affect me."

"It only takes three minutes to register to vote. I have three minutes to make sure that every woman -- and you -- use your voice to vote," Blige concludes. "What do you have three minutes for?"

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This isn't the first time Blige has gotten political. Earlier this week, Apple Music released a preview of the singer's interview with Hillary Clinton for her radio show, The 411 with Mary J. Blige, in which she serenades the Democratic candidate about police violence.

"If an officer ever stops you, always be polite and never ever run away," sings the GRAMMY winner, as Clinton nods along. "Promise momma you'll keep your hands inside. Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a wallet? This is your life."

See more on how celebs are getting behind Hillary Clinton in the video below.