Kanye West Rushes to Kim Kardashian's Side as She Returns to New York After Paris Robbery

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Kim Kardashian West returned to New York City to be with her husband, Kanye West, on Monday morning, after she was robbed at gunpoint and tied up while at the luxury apartment she was staying at in Paris, France.

Kim landed at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey in a private plane that a source tells ET used to belong to Tom Cruise.  The mother of two was then picked up by Kanye, who was in the back of a Mercedes Benz, and the two headed into NYC with a sizable motorcade, according to a source.

The source says that the motorcade included about 10 SUVs, the Benz in the middle and 10 more SUVs behind it. Each vehicle, according to the source, had double flashers on it and two bodyguards riding along. The motorcade drove "straight from the airport through the Lincoln Tunnel in one straight line" and "didn't allow any cars to break in." While no NYPD vehicles were spotted in the motorcade, the source did say that it looked "presidential."

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NYPD vehicles were, however, outside the couple's apartment in the city, along with several barricades. The source also spotted one of E!'s cameras at the residence, which could mean Kim is continuing to film her family's reality show.

Earlier that morning, Kanye was seen leaving the apartment, wearing a teal jacket and black Adidas track pants.

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He later arrived back at the residence with Kim -- who was wearing purple pants, black high-heel boots and a black crop top -- and her mother, Kris Jenner, who was escorted by her boyfriend, Corey Gamble.


On Sunday night, around the time that news broke of his wife's robbery, the 39-year-old rapper abruptly ended his performance at a music festival in Queens, New York, to take care of a "family emergency."

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According to French Judicial sources who spoke with CBS Radio News, five people dressed as law enforcement officers went to where Kim was staying and two of them got access to her room.

The five suspects reportedly left with, at least, one ring estimated to be worth $4 million and a jewelry box with another $6 million worth of items. CBS Radio News adds that it's not known how much of the jewelry was actually owned by Kim, and how much was on loan to her for Paris Fashion Week.

Kim's rep told ET that the 35-year-old reality star was "badly shaken" after the robbery, but "physically unharmed." The incident took place at the same apartment that Kim and Kanye stayed at before their 2014 wedding in Florence, Italy.

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