Jimmy Kimmel Surprises Idina Menzel With Matt Damon Backstage: See Her Priceless Reaction!

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Even Idina Menzel gets starstruck! The Frozen standout appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, where she opened up about meeting celebrities backstage when she was in Wicked.

“Cute guys come backstage and I’d be in green make up and I’d decide, ‘Should I shower really quick and be in no makeup or should I be in green disgusting makeup?’” she recalled of her time playing the wicked witch Elphaba. “Tom Cruise came and Vin Diesel, but the one, actually, the one that never came, the one I always dreamed of coming back was Matt Damon.”

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Host Kimmel, who has had a long-standing “rivalry” with the Jason Bourne star, rolled his eyes at Menzel’s admission, calling the actor a “son of a b**ch.”

Menzel continued, “My friends in the cast knew I had this movie star crush on Matt Damon, so every night they’d say, ‘Matt Damon’s in the audience tonight,’ so I’d hit the high note for Matt Damon.”

The Broadway veteran also recalled that once Damon had accidentally faked her out by buying tickets for his parents.

“Finally he came, he came backstage and I got the green makeup off,” she said. “He was there with his wife. He looked like he hated me. He just seemed so bored by it. I think he hated me.”

Little did she know that Damon was sitting backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live! during her interview, and the host had the camera cut to the Oscar winner to ask him about the incident.

“I’m kinda hurt by this,” he said, sitting on a coach in casual clothing. “I loved Wicked, and I loved Idina in it. We went back to see it [again].”

The newly engaged actress looked flabbergasted by the surprise, blushing and crying out, “But you didn’t say anything. You didn’t say it was good or anything!”

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He replied, “Because I was so moved!”

As Damon kept trying to explain himself, Kimmel hilariously cut him off. Watch the clip to see the funny moment!

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