EXCLUSIVE: Alyssa Milano Reveals Whether She'll Encourage Her Kids to Go Into Showbiz or Sports

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Does a passion for showbiz run in Alyssa Milano's family?

"The fun thing about having kids is you encourage who they are naturally," the actress told ET, "and then you get to see how they end up."

Milano shares two children -- Milo, 5, and Elizabella, 2 -- with husband David Bugliari, and hasn't yet seen them showing off a flare for the dramatics. They may, however, have inherited their parents' passion for sports.

"It is interesting, my son is definitely more outgoing. [Elizabella] is a little bit more shy, but she has got an amazing imagination," Milano shared. "She goes into these worlds, you can see her create them in her head, so it is very, very sweet."

"She just started tap classes, so she walks around the house going, 'Heel, toe, heel, toe.' It is socute," the actress said. "She is definitely not the natural athlete my son is. My son skis, he plays golf, he plays baseball, hockey. He is just that kid, whatever he picks up, he is very athletic. My daughter is more girly with it, but can appreciate it."

If Elizabella does grow up to discover a passion for sports, Milano would "absolutely" encourage a career in that field.

"I would try to help her follow whatever dream she had," she said.

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An avid sports fan herself, Milano, 43, has built her own athletic apparel empire with Touch -- a line of fashion-forward clothing in partnership with the National Football League, National Hockey League, and NASCAR. In our interview at the Los Angeles Rams’ practice facility in Thousand Oaks, California, on Tuesday, Milano -- a die-hard New York Giants fan, herself -- was showing off her line’s freshly-minted Rams gear.

"I am just looking forward to actually going to a football game in Los Angeles!" she gushed. "I do not care, and I think when you are a sports fan, a true sports fan, it does not matter. You can even watch a team you are not necessarily rooting for and just be in the atmosphere. ... Really, community, family, all those things are what makes sports great."

At home, Milano makes game days great with figure-friendly snacks.

"I think food is really an important part of sporting events in general," she said. "Everyone thinks, ugh, sporting events, we have to eat bad things, right? Like chips and french fries and all that stuff. But I have learned that you can actually have delicious, healthy snacks.

"I live the Atkins lifestyle, so I do not do carbs or sugar or anything like that," she continued. "So, [we eat] jerk chicken wings, buffalo cauliflower is delicious. You can have chips, but make sure they're vegetable chips, vegetables with spinach dip, cheese -- everybody loves cheese! – and obviously not too many beers."

But that doesn't mean Milano is opposed to enjoying a cocktail during the game once in a while!

"I like a little vodka soda with lemon," she said. "I just try really hard because I am such a big sports fan, it can be very easy to get into that habit of making it a cheat day."

Though Milano won't make Super Bowl predictions this early in the season ("I feel like it's the equivalent of having expectations about a boyfriend you just started dating"), she does have a prediction for Lady Gaga's halftime show.

"When she sang the National Anthem [in 2016], she actually warmed up in a Touch jacket, so I'm getting ready to send her some Touch stuff and hope that she'll put it on again," Milano confessed. "But, how amazing is she? She's like a chameleon that can do anything and be anything. It's really great to watch."

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